An ornery dug with a perpetual scowl


Tonyken is covered in red tribal tattoos and has a terrible slashing wound across his neck.


Tonyken grew up as an orphan in the slums of Mos Eisley with his older brother Umbasa. Their paths diverged when Tonyken stumbled upon a young human girl being accosted by a pair of thugs. Tonyken instinctively ran to her aid, shiving the two thugs to death. It was only after the fight that Tonyken recognized the girl to be Larssa Rogara, the daughter of a small time crime lord.

The family repaid Tonyken by hiring him as Larssa’s personal bodyguard. During his years of service, Tonyken and Larssa became the best of friends; her gentle disposition tempering his aggressive nature.

It all came to an end when a treacherous member of the Rogara gang orchestrated a hostile takeover of the family’s territory by Teemo the Hutt. Umbasa was part of the attacking force, and a fight between him and Tonyken left the latter unconscious with a cut throat.

When Tonyken came to, the family he served was wiped out and Larssa was kidnapped, taken to who-knows-where. Since then he has made his way as hired muscle, hoping at some point to scrape together enough credits for a trip across the galaxy in search of his friend.


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